Zoom G1X Pedal

Zoom?s back with the brand new G1X pedal. This time round, it?s got more bang to it and you?re certainly going to enjoy yourself if you?ve never tried a Zoom Pedal before.

The G1X is really easy to use but it takes time to get used to it. What?s great is that it comes with a neat patch list that tell you what main effect each patch have and more about the expression pedal.

It?s great fun to use with a Marshall AVT 150 Stack and I really enjoy the fact that there is almost no noise when you?re using it thanks to the Zoom Noise Reducer. If you don?t like the preset effects you can always tweak it to match your style. There are 16 preset patches already, my favourite one being the Tom Morello setting. There are loads of distortion types on it and the acoustic simulator is really neat.

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This effects pedal has an average battery life and can take a bashing here and there, but like all other guitar gear, you should still take care of your equipment.

If you?re using this for a gig, change your batteries first to be safe or hook it up to the mains.

Overall, the best this about this pedal has got to be the expression pedal. There are not only a ton of cool effects in this little machine, it?s very easy to control as well.

The G1X is affordable, compact and has some hot patches going on.

If you?re in Singapore, you can get the G1X from Davis Guitars in Peninsular Plaza for $150. Peninsula Shopping Complex, 3 Coleman Street #B1-40/41, Singapore 179804