Who is the Loudest Band in Singapore? (You decide).

The Loudest Band Competition in Singapore

The Loudest Band Competition in Singapore

Our hard rockin’ bretheren in Singapore, Soft.com.sg have taken it upon themselves once and for all to determine exactly who is the "loudest band in Singapore" (always a good measure of hard-rockin’ness) by getting the multitude of talented acts together and recording them for comparison…

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Lots of great bands took part, showing us that Singapore is still going loud and proud even though the Gashaus closed its physical doors in 2007 (if you want to see some of these hard rocking folks in action check out our WorldTV Gashaus Channel here)

Now that the entrants have been recorded, they’ve uploaded the videos from the competition and now they want you to pick the band you feel deserves to win "THE LOUDEST BAND" competition. And here’s the kicker, if your choice is the same as our judges, you stand to win a great prize!

So head on over to Soft.com.sg, or click here to watch and vote. As for those exciting prizes, the Winningest Band will get:

• $1000 cash
• $300 voucher (Sponsored by www.citymusic.com.sg)
• $200 voucher (Sponsored by www.peak-fusion.com.sg)
• Electric guitar (Sponsored by www.musictheme.com.sg)
• Marshall MG15 CDR Limited Edition (Silver) (Sponsored by www.lookforbeez.com)
• Studio time for recording 1 song (Sponsored by Inversion Productions)
• Pro Tools Key Studio (Sponsored by www.avid.com)
• Electro Harmonix Metal Muff w Top Boost pedal (Sponsored by www.ebenex.com)
• 10 x $10 vouchers worth $100 (Sponsored by www.blackwood.com.sg)
• Attack drum skins and 5 X $15 Vouchers (Sponsored by www.themusiclab.com.sg)
• $25 SRH Voucher x 5 + stickers (Sponsored by www.srh.com)
• Artec Parametric EQ Effect Pedal (Sponsored by www.tymusiccenter.com)
• Gibson goodie pack – guitar strap, strings, picks & guitar cleaning kit (Sponsored by www.gibson.com)
• 4 x Band t-shirts of your choice from the Getup Merch store (Sponsored by www.getupmerch.com)
• X-Mini Max II Speakers for each member of the winning band. (Sponsored by Metal Horde Singapore )

The "Outstanding Musician" winner will also get:
• Pro Tools Key Studio (Sponsored by www.avid.com)

And of course, there’s always an award for effort, all participants get to take home:
• HEAROS Music Ear Plugs (Sponsored by www.musicensemble.com.sg)

Competition venue sponsored by Tanglin Music Club (www.tanglinmusic.org)

Bass amplifiers and guitar amplifiers provided by City Music (www.citymusic.com.sg)

All Beyerdynamic microphones provided by Peak Fusion (www.peak-fusion.com.sg)

HK Audio ICON Series sound system provided by Peak Fusion (www.peak-fusion.com.sg)

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