ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S – Critical Beatdown

ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S - Critical Beatdown

The Ultramagnetic MC’s were contemporaries of Public Enemy and just as influential in their own way (the Prodigy’s Liam Howlett cites them as a major influence for instance).

ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S - Critical Beatdown

However, outside of hip hop circles, they’re still largely unheard of (one member you may have heard of recently is Kool Keith (AKA Dr Octagon). In "Critical Beatdown" was originally released in 1988 and is considered a classic.

Strangely it never received a proper UK release, until now of course, and it’s a mid-price release, so you’ve got no excuses! It’s definitely got that funky late 80s sound you associate with PE, but it still sounds fresh.

As the title suggests, Ultramagnetic MC’s – The B-Sides Companion (Roadrunner), is a collection of B-sides and specially remixed tracks previously unavailable in the UK.