Tips For Enjoying a Music Festival

Tips For Enjoying a Music Festival

Tips For Enjoying a Music Festival

Hitting the road to get your rockin’ fix? plan ahead a little and avoid the hassles…

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Music festivals are a great way to enjoy live music with friends. It can be treated like a holiday away from home and is usually enjoyed by camping. Music festivals are usually done through the summer or warm weather because it is an outdoor event and for this it is more suited. Music festivals last from about 2 or 3 days up to 1 or 2 weeks. Here are some fantastic tips for you to help enjoy that music.

• Friends – Try and go with as many friends as possible as this increases the fun.

• Drinks and booze – Enjoy a drink or two whilst away at a music festival but don’t aim to over drink. The music festival can be enjoyed just as much without alcohol.

• Money – Bring money to spend on food to keep you going for the time away and some for a local trip somewhere around the area. Try and keep your money very safe from pickpockets.

• Smell – Due to the awful toilets in music festivals buy some Vick’s Vapour Rub and rub it underneath your nose when entering the toilet swamps.

• Wristband – Put the wristband on your opposite arm from the one you eat and go to the toilet with for hygiene reasons.

• Equipment – Try and take just the things you will definitely need. There is nothing much worse that having to carry heaps of equipment, especially in the heat.

• Save – It is very important to save money whilst a student is away at a festival. Many festivals operate a cup recycling scheme whereby if you purchase a drink and then return the paper cup you shall get around 10p or 10 cents off your next drink price. This can easily mount up over time.

• Suitable Tent – Make sure that you bring with you a waterproof tent so that if it rains overnight then you are ok. There is nothing worse than having your tent soaked through overnight whilst you are fast asleep inside it. Oh god…

• Stick together – Whilst you and your friends are in the large crowd watching a gig, make sure that you all stick together at all times, because music festivals are that busy. After losing your friend, trying to locate them will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

• Mark your Territory – Try and make your territory familiar and easily recognizable. As there are many tents around the same area, this may well be a great idea and helps a lot when you are on your way back or finding your tent again.

Photo by Michael Flarup. If you are interested in music festivals and gigs and you would like to read details on the latest concerts, festivals or gigs then click here.