Tiefschwarz (Germany)

Formed in 1996 by brothers Basti and Ali Schwarz, Tiefschwarz (meaning ‘deep black’) are known for their sound which merges electro, house, minimal, rock and funk to devastating effect. And believe it or not, this Stuttgart duo found their humble beginnings, starting their nights as word-of-mouth events held at their own apartment.

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They moved on to doing raves and parties in bigger clubs, hosting names such as Tony Humphries and Masters At Work.

Now, their remixed tracks for artists such as Kelis and The Rapture have gained them international recognition on dance floors, while the remix of Spektrum’s track Kinda New in 2003 in particular boosted the Schwarz brothers firmly into the mainstream.

To celebrate their 10 years of DJing history, they’ve recently put out a new mix paying tribute to their musical influences and played at Zouk this awesome set!

This compilation, out on their label Souvenir, features diverse sounds from Tuff Little Unit to Frankie Knuckles, Ewan Pearson to Marianne Faithfull. For the 2nd time at Zouk, catch both brothers in action in the console!