The kings of happy go lucky, feel good, educational pop return to us with their latest CD, Factory Showroom. The Johns (Linnel & Flansburgh) use their wide range of strange thoughts, accordian playing, and perky/dark charm to express their grievances and observations.

“I want to raise my freak flag higher,” (Song #3, “How Can I Sing Like A Girl”) – okay they win the 1996 AKH Best Lyrics Writers in the industry award, we won’t send the statuette, it’s too vulgar.

They Might Be Giants is fun music, stuff to laugh to, sing along with, and subsequently try to decipher. There is never anything repetitious or normal about them – they are unexpected, freaky, and possibly one of the best things about modern music.

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Listen to their CDs 4 or 5 times before you decide – they can grow on you faster than cancer. You must hear the “James K. Polk” song and refresh your American History (whatever) knowledge.

Also check out, “Exquisite Dead Guy”, “Metal Detector” and “Til My Head Falls Off.” Got the blues? – chase those meanies away with They Might Be Giants (They are to their fans!) and bop away to the strange, yet happy, yet reflective, yet immensely intelligent brand of music only they bring us. There’s some great stuff in this Factory Showroom.