THE VIEW Which Bitch?

THE VIEW Which Bitch?

THE VIEW Which Bitch?The View have transformed from being a scrappy band of two-bit hangers-on to the last days of The Libertines into being a real band.

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Who would have thought it? With Which Bitch? the band of teenage Scottish urchins have been busy working away writing interesting tunes, only occasionally wearing their Libertines and Arctic Monkeys influences on their sleeves.

Owen Morris, a man who has beefed up the sound of many a young band, produces the album and again he has worked his magic.

Into the fray this time are pianos, cinematic strings (think westerns rather than romantic movies) and bizarre rhythms.

That?s just on “Distant Doubloon” alone. Which Bitch? is an album of surprises and twists and turns, the biggest one being that it comes highly recommended. They grow up so fast.