THE PRODIGY Invaders Must Die

THE PRODIGY Invaders Must Die

THE PRODIGY Invaders Must DieThe UK electronica rock trio The Prodigy may never make an album as timely or with as much success as 1997’s The Fat Of The Land, but it sure sounds like they had a lot of fun trying on their first album in over four years – the loud, retroish release Invaders Must Die.

“We are The Prodigy” bellows an electronic voice as a welcoming announcement for the throwback title track. Then, electronic treated vocals worn “Invaders must die” over a kaleidoscope of beats, a cacophony of menacing space-synths and numerous breakbeats.?The effect is akin to being thrust in the middle of a 1991 era rave while an Atari game is being re-enacted live.

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Vocalists Flint and Maxim don’t get deep here. “Your world’s on fire and it?s about to expire” is about as far as their limited lyrical content goes.

But when producer/ founder Liam Howlett is busy getting this party started right, the goal is loud, dumb, danceable head bopping fun… and there’s plenty to be had.

?Warrior?s Dance” employs electronically treated vocals that sounds like another dance throwback turned on its ear. The guitar chords that slash through “Run With The Wolves” are punctuated by Dave Grohl’s (Foo Fighters) relentless drumbeats as police are on the hunt. “Thunder” infuses rough reggaefied vocals over a relentless chaotic groove.

And that?s kind of it. More consistent than 2004’s Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, this one shows The Prodigy still pack a formidable musical punch. And if closer “Stand Up” is a slow horns and all midtempo punch up that’s more Ibiza than a sweaty festival at 2am, just remember that even the most hardcore ravers will one day get older.