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Rick Price

Rick Price is an Aussie crooner best known for multi-platinum ballad “Heaven Knows” flew in specially for a one-night-only performance at DXO. Gashaus chatted to find out what’s strumming in his music haven.

Rick Price

Clad in faded jeans and a well-worn white polo tee with turned-up collar, 46-year old Rick Price was a picture of serenity at the lounge of Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel. You could sense the peace within him; his grace and manners somewhat akin to that of a feline king’s while his passion for music brimmed throughout the interview.

Seated comfortably with his English Breakfast tea (black if you must know), Rick listened attentively to every question and kept eye contact while he answered.?

His music beginnings: Born on July 6 1960 in Beaudesert, a small country town near Brisbane, he began playing at age nine with his family band

The Orbits and went solo at age 18, eventually getting his big break with Sony Music. He recorded his debut album “Heaven Knows” in 1991 at L.A which sold 250 000 copies in SEA alone and won him Song of the Year at the Singapore Music Awards then.

“I had to write the most pop sounding album at that time to break into the market so people could know me before I could do the music I wanted. Everyone loves break-up songs and I’m very lucky every song I wrote sounded commercial.”

On his music career: Having released seven albums to date, Rick has been writing and producing for others too, mostly Aussie singers including “Chains” for Tina Arena, whom you might remember for “Burn”. One of his more recent projects was co-writing a pop infused jazz and blues album.

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Rick Price
Rick Price

His music now: Citing music influences like Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, and Bob Dylan, he shared, “Now, most of my performances are intimate acoustic sets and going back to basics like Tambourine Mountain (his 1995 introspective album on which he experimented with folksy songs on family and personal life) I don’t see the need to write commercial songs anymore.” His most recent 2003 album “A Million Miles” resonates this, being independently financed and produced in his home studio.

In the pipeline: He has a few Sydney gigs before returning here for a private showcase in Dec. When asked if he would like to venture into projects like stage plays or musical films, he replied coyly that he has submitted film music but politely declined to reveal details at this point. He did share that he would be jamming with his band on new material.

Home front: Rick admits he’s almost a hermit at home with his girlfriend of one and a half years and his son, aged 24. He loves walking his dog and watching all sorts of movies, like Aussie films while the most recent Hollywood blockbusters he enjoyed were The Departed and The Devil Wears Prada.

On Singapore: When requested to form a sentence linking him with our sunny island, Rick struggled a little amidst prompting, before earnestly replying he did not have much time to explore. His previous visits date as far back as 1993 at Sentosa and a few years later with Savage Garden. He remembered enjoying shopping at Orchard though.