The Music Man, V Mogan

V Mogan

A one-man band with the soul of a 5-piece combo.

V Mogan
V Mogan

Long a fixture on the semi-acoustic set, he has rocked stages from the East Coast pub to the city centre for more than a decade now.?It was a journey of discovery for a man who decided he’d rather go it alone than deal with the stress of being in a band. He decided to strike out alone with his harmonica, acoustic guitar and drum machine and hasn’t looked back since.

Since that fateful day in 1987, Mogan has made a name around town, playing the music he loves best – songs by Neil Young, Cat Stevens and other folk rockers.?”I grew up listening to their songs – I may not have a university degree, but I’ve learnt a lot about life from listening to them,” said the ex-plumber. In the process, he’s built up a loyal following and a couple of songs to call his own.

Evoking fond memories of the 1970s with his interpretations of songs from that era, Mogan thrills the drinking crowds, playing folk and rock numbers, and the blues, and the works of guitar greats Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin. Throw in that, and a good mix of tracks from the likes of Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel and James Taylor, interpreted in his raw yet polished style, and you’ll be taken away in time in this age of synthetic-pop and hip-hip.

He also put a CD of his own out, called Short of Time, from his pub-playing experiences. His song, “Here Comes The Band”, and four others show off his rich vocal talent. Asked to describe the “flavour” of the tracks on his debut CD, Mogan said: “It’s what I think I do best, folk rock. I had to grasp the art of playing folk music before writing anything. Young bands today that write their own stuff are very brave. I wouldn’t have been confident enough,” said Mogan.

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“I wrote the song for people who are always giving you request cards for the latest pop tunes. They don’t know what real music is all about. I was quite encouraged when a few people asked me about them,” he shared. “If I don’t make a million, I at least wanted to come up with an album of my own songs.”

The title, according to Mogan, sums up the haste in which the CD was put together. For Mogan, this album of his own compositions is the fulfillment of a long-overdue dream. He also dreams of opening his own pub where he will hire only local talents so that they can have the break they deserve. One place that does just that, live music venue the Redbar at 114 Middle Road, has booked Mogan for regular Thursday night gigs in the past, where his acoustic croonings will add a new flavour to a place already popular with young adults into rock, power pop, punk rock and emo.