The Light fantastique, Lichtfront

livhtfront veejays

Meet the folks who are going to make the music look pretty at this year’s Zoukout. Lichtfront are a VJ outfit from Germany, they’ve performed all over the world with many famous names.

livhtfront veejays?

GASHAUS: For the uninitiated can you explain the VJ…?

Stephan: We want to model our visual artwork on sound structures and rhythms, enhancing the clubbing experience. We all love the combination of image and music, we were raised on MTV.

Ingo: As a VJ you can interpret every DJ-Set live and create a unique performance.

GASHAUS: Do you have to like the music you work with?

Stephan: It’s pretty important. You can’t let go if you are not feeling anything. Every one of us likes dancing and clubbing. If you don’t move yourself it would become an ordinary job, it’d be better to quit. It all started with Miss Kitten, we love her music. Electronic dance music has influenced our work from the start.

Andre: Every one of us has style preferences and of course DJ preferences. You can definitely see, if someone is playing to music he likes or not. A tight emotional relation to the music is needed.

Joerg: If you want to hear names: for me it’s still DJ HELL. He plays very imaginatively. Then a lot of love goes to VITALIC, ALEXANDER KOWALSKI, TIEFSCHWARZ, MISS KITTIN, CARL COX and MATTHEW JOHNSON. Not to forget RAY SOO from Kuala Lumpur.

Svenja: Worst case is – the DJ fails and the music is bad; you have to play to some crappy shit and time will not pass away. Thank God we haven’t had a lot of nights like these.

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GASHAUS: What makes a good party?

Svenja: If everything comes together in the right moment. It’s not only the music. A sound system, lights, laser, our work and an audience that wants to share a good night, then you’ll have a good party.

Stephan: Every set is different, every night is different. I think it has to be the right mixture of craziness, sexiness, and the feeling “that this could be the last night ever” to roll it. All this equals a party no one will forget. But these moments are very rare, there are only a few of them every year.

GASHAUS: What are your views on drugs and the dance music scene?

We’ve seen a lot of freaky people; we reckon taking drugs to enhance your feelings is a no. You’ll loose the night that you’ve waited so long for. It’s a rumour, that every dance music event in Europe is related to drugs. Most of the people are clean, just like over here.

GASHAUS: You have played at other festivals all over, what’s been the best?

Joerg: We played a lot of huge festivals across Europe and every one of us has their own favourite. I like the Monegros Desert Festival (pictured, above).

Andre: For me as well it’s Monegros it’s the most fascinating, it’s located in the middle of the desert and for one night only. You’ll get the best DJs all in the same place. The crowd is amazing; they are so into the music.

Svenja: I like the festivals in Asia. Party people are different in every country – it’s interesting to see how people react to our visuals. In Asia the people want to “get higher”. They are well dressed, even putting on fine costumes. Everything is done to make it special. You could see it at last year’s ZOUKOUT. After a heavy rain started everybody stayed and still enjoyed the night. It was a great atmosphere.

Head to the beach for another night to remember; For more info on the group