The Kid Koala

Kid Koala

What can be said about Kid Koala that goes beyond the simple one word statement of “brilliant”??

Kid Koala

Well, not much and a whole lot. Kid Koala (aka Eric San) got his big break with Ninja Tunes owner Jon More, who, on a visit to Montreal, listened to his wacky mix tape “Scratchcratchratchatch” on the car stereo, which ended up with him becoming their first North American artist.

What followed was his first official album, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (the tape recorded demo being completely unofficial), which came with a videogame (downloadable on his website) and a comic book illustrated by himself (San says drawing and music have always gone together in his mind), giving fruitition to his passion for scratching; on the turntables and in his notebooks.

If not for that fateful day, Eric might very well have become a school teacher, as he says, “I had a lot of noise in my head that I’ve got to get out.”

San is now a globally recognised talent on the turntable and off. Born in Vancouver, San moved from studying classical piano in his youth to become the kind of globe trotting DJ who plays with the effect of “scratches” and “mad mixes” to produce outstanding combinations of sound.

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While studying at Montreal’s McGill University in the 1990s, San first began appearing in local clubs, and after his signing launched out on a series of North American tours with such bands as Coldcut, Bullfrog and Deltron 3030, as well as opening for international stars such as Radiohead.

His artistic roots are deep and long, “I could afford pencils before I could afford turntables,” he shares. “But the two things have never really been separate. My first book experience and my first record experience were the same experience. When I was two or three, I had these little records with storybooks – read-along stories with sound effects and music. So it definitely seemed natural to do them together.”

His work reflects a deep passion for transcending madness with humour, which explains his latest illustrated book, called Nufonia Must Fall (“Nufonia” being a coded reference to “no fun.) “The second I stop having fun,” saying the musician, “it’s time to do something else.”?