Senegalese hip-hop sensation Daara J

Daara J

The break-through sensation of WOMAD 2004, Senegalese hip-hop trio Daara J was voted "Best African Act" by BBC Radio 3 and famed for their educational and socially conscious hip-hop lyrics, Daara J rocks the dance floor with a performance that is full of energy, colour and African beats.

Daara J

Wowwing with their distinctive style, (formed in 1997), Daara J is made up of N’Dango D, Aladji Man and Faada Freddy. They first performed during the WOMAD festival in 2004 and Daara J quickly became the festival favourite with their high-energy performances, colourful African costumes and engaging stage presence.

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The Daara J name means ‘School of Life’ and this trio have certainly lived up to their name by educating listeners with their thoughtful lyrics; reggae, jazz and hip-hop beats and powerful live performances.

Born in Africa but raised in America, this cosmopolitan trio has successfully made a name for themselves with their positive lyrics that stray from the machismo and materialism of American mainstream hip-hop.

Daara J’s knack for using their lyrics as an educational influence has been compared to the likes De La Soul, Public Enemy and MC Solaar. Their music and passion have had such a powerful effect on Senegalese that Daara J were asked to help promote anti-corruption political campaigns during Senegal’s presidential elections in 2000.

Appreciation for Daara J’s music has also spread far and wide outside of Africa. They released the album, Boomerang in America in 2004, and it received critical acclaim for its unique sound. Since then, they’ve continues to wow the crowd worldwide, so check out their tracklist and see for yourself!