Seb Fontaine

seb fontaine

seb fontaine

Another kick-ass bassline reverberates around Cream ‘s main room and the crowd, once again go delirious. Seb Fontaine is in residence, laying down another set on his trademark juggernaut techfunk and jackhammer beats. This is the sound of a DJ at the top of his game.

Seb’s always had entertaining in his blood. This big handsome brut of a man, whose mother used to DJ in Ibizan bars over 30 years ago started in his teens, cutting up soul and reggae at legendary clubs The Wag and the Fridge. His first serious clubland residency came from Ministry of Sound where he became known as their “Frisky” resident.

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It soon became apparent that Seb was truly unique as he created a funky chunky party vibe that delighted clubland’s glitterati. Carrying the moniker of the “King of Tech – House”, Seb went on to launch his own successful nights Malibu Stacey at Hanover Grand before venturing out of London to pick up Oakey’s reigns as super club Cream’s Liverpool and Ibiza resident. A daunting task for most to step into Oakey’s shoes after his legendary two year run, but one that Cream felt only Seb would be capable of doing.

It became apparent from his first night behind the decks there that this residency was going to be as special as Oakey’s ever was. Last year also saw Seb launch his Prototype series where he explored new territories and redefined the borders of trance, progressive, breakbeat and hard funky twisted house. Prototype made a lot of people sit up and take notice of Seb including Muzik Magazine who put him on the cover of their January 2000 issue as the DJ for the next Millennium.

Many deejays strive to be a chameleon in the mix to effortlessly glide between indecent driving groves and hypnotic soaring melodies to have a telekinetic connection with their audience, to instinctively know the direction a flick of the cross – fader will take the mood. Many deejays never made it instead finding themselves the constant champions of the big room tunes. With his Prototype series Seb Fontaine shifted the balance, instigating a change in his sets, so subtle, yet so powerful that it made the mighty producers at Radio 1 sit up and take notice too.

No notice to the airwaves. Seb once had a 2-year peak time show on London’s Kiss FM. Seb was then approached by Radio 1 to work on special projects and fill in for their dance roster Seb’s vocal confidence and panache on the airwaves ensured his rapport with a nation of listeners. Radio1 offered him his own show which takes to the air every Saturday night 7pm – 9 pm from February 2001.

Almong with his charismatic presence has ensured a constant stream of offers from TV producers who along with Radio 1 are making Seb a household name.

For Seb it is important to select his project carefully. It is this consideration that has played a key part in establishing his steadily built reputation over the last 10 years. Spot On – Sebs Record label has also shifted up a gear with some great tracks in line for next year.

So what was in store for the decade? He has already cracked the American market with his Prototype albums reaching sales in excess of 100,000 in the last 12 months and on his most recent trip Seb disembarked his plane to come face to face with a huge billboard campaign simply stating that; SEB HAS LANDED! How is that for a warm American welcome?

There is the prospect of a glittering presenting career on the horizon and brand new phase of his Prototype series. Probably most exciting for Seb though is the start of his new height Type in February. Once a month at London’s The Cross Seb will creating his own parties, mixing it up with his guests Carl Cox, Darren Emerson, Timo Maas and Circulation to name but a few.

Rest assured whatever we are to expect from Seb we can guarantee it will come with the care, consideration, passion and innovation that we have come to know and love from one of the UK’s premier talents. DJ, producer, remixer, presenter, A&R, label boss, father and husband – Mr Seb Fontaine.