ARMOR FOR SLEEP What to do when you are dead



If you’ve ever heard the interview with Britney Spears about how she went from the nice, cute image to a sexier, more rebellious image, or, how they put it, “sugar and spice Britney, to a fire and ice Britney,” you will know what I am talking about. In this interview, Britney claims that she is really a “fire and ice Britney” and that her “Sugar and spice” was fake and not really her self. This is what I am getting out of the new Armor for Sleep release What to do when You are Dead. If you have heard their debut album, Dream to Make Believe, you know that it’s a happier, upbeat punk album. Now if you listen to What to do if you are Dead, your opinion could go either way.

What I mean is, that if you are only into the upbeat punk stuff, you probably won’t like this CD as much as you did the last one. I think that Armor for Sleep is showing who they really are with this album. This CD is harder than the last, it shows a lot more emotion, and it isn’t as happy as the Dream to make Believe. This can be hidden up by the first song, ‘Car Underwater,’ with its more poppy, catchy tune. As you listen on, you will find this held back emotion in songs like, ‘The end of a Fraud’ and ‘Awkward Last Words’. You can feel the emotion in these songs that Armor for Sleep have poured their souls into. In addition to the emotion, there is a lot of variation in this CD, such as, ‘Basement Ghost Singing’ and ‘Flying above everything’. If you have listened to Copeland’s In Motion, you know the CD is filled with a lot of beats, styles, and feelings.

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That is exactly like this Armor for Sleep CD, which is going to give you a mix between hard punk, indie, and a bit of electronic all in one. I do like releases with lots of variation, but sometimes you just like the band how they are and want to hear more of that particular style. That’s how I felt in this case. I loved their first CD, but What to do when you are Dead is just not having the same effect on me. I will still probably have this CD playing in my discman, but it won’t be played nearly as much as Dream to make Believe has. If you have previously been an Armor for Sleep fan, I am going to recommend this CD to you anyways, but I will leave you with a warning that it is not what you knew. The bottom line is; if you are into the harder, grungier, type of punk, then it’s totally the CD for you. If you are into lighter, happier punk, I wouldn’t recommend it, but give the first release a listen.