REGULAR FRIES Accept the Signal

Loose, wired, unfocused funk played by men in overcoats and scuba masks, a bit of a space thing going on, and disembodied vocals seemingly ‘sung’ from the depths of a comfy chair. This effort is probably not the album to put on when dealing with heavy machinery. ‘The Girls’ manages to rhyme “Lady Godiva” with “Lend us a fiver” while simultaneously making Arab Strap’s entire oeuvre redundant, and recent single ‘King Kong’ contains the simple chant, “Better be a monkey if you like King Kong”, tailor made for the playgrounds. ‘Supposed To Be A Gas’ is an acoustic beauty filled with disillusion, spiritually close to Primal Screams’ more strung out moments, while ‘Dust It’ is a pulsing sensation akin to having your mind warped by alien lasers.

But it’s ‘Anno Domini’ which should alert the wider world to this album. Mercury Rev’s Jonathan Donahue pops in and does for the fries what Weatherall did for the Primals on ‘Part 1’, adding an olde worlde space travel vibe, escorting the listener to new worlds. Together it evokes the pioneering spirit of surrealists engaged in a fight in a pub car park.

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