RED SNAPPER Making Bones

…And the nominee list for next year’s Mercury Music Award starts here.” Two years on the trot the winners have been for the most unique and innovative album, so the 1999 winners could well be Red Snapper.

An eclectic mix of nineties beats and jazz vibes. In fact, more crossovers and burning of fences than an average arsonist’s output!

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This is the trio’s (double bass, drums and guitar) second album and something of a change in style for the Warp label, more commonly known for its darker more experimentally-edged nineties dance music. It has been almost two years since their debut long player, “Prince Blimey”, expressed their original fusion of electronic sounds and acoustic instruments. Since then they have been building up a live reputation supporting the likes of Bjork, Prodigy, Massive Attack and the Fugees.