The most unlikely of Seattle bands to become king, the President’s clowning have decided to call it a day on their own terms. What they are leaving for us is a complilation of b-side, they had eight singles in three years, and outakes, that while highlighting their absurd view of modern life, don’t really add or subtract to what you know about them already. ‘Love Delicatessen’ takes a page out Chuck D’s rhyme book, a cubistic description of a lustful dude, in search of a ‘bun’, and as is usually the case, is a very good track. They give their age away on ‘Video Killed the Radio Star,’ the haunting Buggles song that hailed the changing of an era, back in 1981.

Kinda feel good in a Phish kinda way, with a certain ironic sense of humor, which invites the cynical toe-tappers in as well. Old man on the ‘Back porch’, could be faster version of a Neil Young rant, and even rip off an old Nirvana riff on their police(Sting?)-paranoia, declaration of human rights on ‘Man(opposable thumb).’ All around nice guys, they give the fans exactly what they want, and this disc is no different ending with a live version of their smash hit ‘Lump,’ the catchy, offbeat, stomp rocker that launched their rrecracker of a career.

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