PLAZMA Vital Rythm Colors

Local acid jazzers have grown up since the casual jam sessions at U Maleno Glena started almost two years ago. Lee Farber (also of Hermakouti fame) has emerged as the driving force of Plazma, recording most of Vital Rythm Colors with mainstays on bass Jay Rasta, and vocal/percussionist Ephraim Goldin.

All tolled, 15 folks have participated in this well recorded, and varied palette of musicl ideas ranging from all out jammy urban jazz, Pink Floyd sounding jams, to african drums beats, and complex arrangements featuring Burama (Hypnotix), the deceptively controlled voice of Tereza Nekudova, and of course Ifraim. The powerful ‘Afrika’ which has evolved since I’d first heard it in 1996 tells a story of a personal and musical journey of the Afrikan drum, from a loose musing to a tightly wound and provacative political call for recognition. The dangers of such adventures are sure footedly avoided by Goldin’s never stooping from the documentarists vantage. Call it agit-jazz. A solid representation of the live group, and with the exception of some rare indulgent jamming, a fine debut.

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