OSHIEGO Now Suffer

Put four guys with a deep passion and deadly aggression to make metal music and you get death/thrash Metal band Oshiego. Oshiego cites their influences for the EP to bands such as Bohemoth and Kreator and wrote their songs based on vampires, war and the struggles of daily life.

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Their four track release which was recorded at Snakeweed Studios under engineer Leonard Soosay consists of songs like ?My Legacy?, ?Defiance?, ?No Escape? and the title track ?Now Suffer?. All four tracks are brutal in-your-face death/thrash metal attacks.

My favourite song in ?Now Suffer? would have to be ?My Legacy?. A song spawn from a video game called ?Legacy of Kain?, vocalist Kadir growls about vampires and also the endless obstacles that the band had to overcome.

I personally loved how the vocals made growling noises at certain parts of songs to compliment the guitar riffs. At the age of 16, drummer Vijesh?s? drum skills are astounding.

Overall, I would say ?Now Suffer? is a great effort by Oshiego and I certainly look forward to hearing more from this promising young band. Rating ? 3.5/5?