On the road with Quadrant Sounds

On the road with quadrant sounds

“DIY traveller mobility meets sound system ampliphonics in formulation that lifts ecstatic transgression to unprecedented heights, the free party funksters drop a depth-charge at the beggar’s banquet and the sonic plumbing shakes beneath their feet. Marauding gangs of acoustically charged drop-outs roam the countryside, overindulging in everything known to art and chemistry.” – Dr Drew Hemment, Phd. in Dance Culture”

On the road with quadrant sounds?

A?short history lesson:?It’s not much when you think about it. A bunch of like minded people, some speakers, records and a vehicle to transport it all, not much more than a glorified mobile disco.

But the emergence of the Sound System over the last decade has radically influenced what we today we call dance music. It’s roots in Jamaican Reggae have grown to encompass all genres of bass driven music and people from all walks of life. In the UK, the late eighties and early nineties were a pivotal time with the government attempting to outlaw free festivals and the phenomenon that was known as raves.

Stories in the media of scores of cars driving around the London orbital motorway, full of ravers waiting on a phone call, following directions from an answer phone message in an attempt to get to the party in a significant number before the police did. The ‘deadly’ new drug Ecstacy.

The famous Castlemorton party in Wales, saw scores of sound systems, travellers, hippies, and ravers from everywhere set up the most revered free party ever. The susequent reports on national TV news made sure that everyone knew where the party was at that weekend. From woods to warehouses, clubs and house parties, do it yourself culture in action was where the story began for Quadrant sound system.

From the days of DiY’s legendary club night Bounce we were busy wrecking peoples’ houses with afterparties that would last from Friday to Monday, basslines spilling onto the street, quite literally house music. The sound of Nottingham a steady throb along the misty morning streets. People such as Smokescreen Sound System holding parties in, woods, quarries, tunnels, anywhere. It was summer 1995. Four of us moved into a house in the city to make the negotiation of a messy way home a bit easier.

Deciding to build a rig of our own, in the house, proved to be quite a messy task, not to mention costing a fortune. The idea to be; to put on our own parties wherever anyone would let us. Soon, we were playing at the local pit “The Skyy Club” a classy venue that still sports the same decor to this day! 12 months and a much classier club later, the first ever Rebound line up consisted of all the people who had inspired us to start in the first place. DiY; Smokescreen sound system (a. k. a. Drop Music); DJ’s from the Hacienda in Manchester; Babble in Leicester; Groovertarium in Lincoln.

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Quadrant Sounds
Quadrant Sounds

The 2 years that the night ran for saw 20:20 vision’s Ralph Lawson, Charles Webster, Hot Lizard, Low Pressings, Galactic Disco, the Jeep Grrlz, Terry Francis, Digs and Woosh as well as all our mates from Smokescreen, Babble, TvC and DiY, everyone on a deep funky groove tip. Then it was time to go on the road. After deciding to broaden our horizons a little we set off with the DiY crew for what was to be our first encounter with the Czech Republic.

The promoter of the gig at Ostrov Stranice giving up and going home at 8 the following morning after we refused to stop playing records. And the girls. In the sun, by the river. Gambrinus on tap 10 metres away. We were in love. Since that time, spending more and more time in Prague and using it as a base to hop over to festivals and free parties around central Europe, the travelling sound system spirit,

Teknivals inspired by the likes of Spiral Tribe and Desert Storm who were exiled from England along with thousands of other 24 hour party people to life on the road. Relentless headcrunching techno for days on end, the only dissenting sound of house coming from ourselves and Czech posse Fuzzy Logic catering for the fluffy and blissed out amongst us with our blend of chunky grooves and deep rhythms. Four years down the line later, and were back at the club in Czech that had the faith in us to give us a night in the first place, The Roxy.

With arguably one of house music’s most respected DJs and top geezer in the area, DiY’s Simon DK alongside Quadrants Kel, Chris, Matt, Rich, J. S and Morph. From producers to promoters, sound engineers, DJ’s, artists, musicians web designers, travellers and publicist’s; A Sound System.

Contact info:
www.quadrantsoundsystem.co.uk (dead link)
www.freetechno.org (dead link)
Email: smokescreen@fsnet.co.uk