Oasis, you gotta be kidding…


That was my reaction to a list of things for this longgggg-awaited and highly anticipated gig which had the potential to become a milestone in rock and roll history for SG concert goers, especially from a band of their stature.


I’ll be glad to share those with you in a minute so you can be in the know and form your own opinion especially if you were among the audience. Just as backgrounder – Oasis was slated to fly in for a one-night only gig as well, back in 2002 but wimped out due to the Bali terrorism scare then.?Their pull-out broke many hearts, including mine, and we had to trudge our walk to the Indoor Stadium Box Office to be refunded (which by the way, it is always bewildering why Sistic can authorise island-wide agents to sell tickets but not refund them).

Anyway, back to Oasis; the fans, having waited more than a decade since they formed, were ravenous for some hard rocking action from the infamous Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel.?For a start, it was on a Thursday night, which was pretty unconventional for rock concerts particularly those with mosh pits containing deliriously high fans whose fists pumped the air while they shouted for more.

Ok fine, we understand SG is a small market to them, just worthy of a quick stopover from Bangkok where they just performed at the 3-Day Rock Fest. It kick-started at about 8.40pm and guess what?

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Gripe #2: Video screens were off. This meant that most of us had to squint at their micro figures, not to mention their faces.

Gripe #3: The sound system was unreliable – blaringly loud as some points while Liam’s attempts at talking were barely comprehensible, taking into account his thick British accent and drawl.

Gripe #4: The song set was forgettable, with the more obscure and less catchy tunes which induced yawns. Luckily for us, we were entertained by this couple jiggling, jumping and clapping in sync.

Gripe #5: Liam restlessly paced the stage, sang lazily, disappeared frequently (probably backstage to have a fag) while the audience waited for guitars to be swapped, tuned and Noel to take over. He spat water and threw a plastic bottle into the crowd too.?

Gripe #6: Did I mention the crammed stage setup outlined with lightbulbs looking like it was from a 80s play or campus concert?

Alarm bells rang when two of their best hits went back-to-back at the 1-hour mark; Wonderwall then Champagne Supernova which was glorious finale sing-a-long material.True enough, Liam announced encore time and it was only then that the mosh pit showed more signs of life. Amazingly, a young lass passed out at the front and had to be rushed to the first aid post!

The stadium was way too empty, the crowd way too cool and the half-baked concert way too short… Where were the quintessential Roll With It from their definitive album What’s The Story (Morning Glory), Stand By Me, the more recent Little By Little and Stop Crying Your Heart Out?

The audience’s sentiments were probably best echoed in these lines from Don’t Look Back in Anger:

Please don’t put your life in the hands

Of a Rock & Roll band

Who’ll throw it all away

What a waste of precious time and money.

You should have seen the disgruntled looks of many when they walked out and they piped Let There Be Love, how ironic.

P.S. – Liam, where were you while we were getting high? I think we surely deserve better, if there’s a next time…