OASIS The Masterplan

You either hate Oasis or you’re legally insane. And it’s good to hate because, if nothing else, it helps you better measure the things you actually like. For example: I love the blatant stupidity of organized religion as much as I detest Oasis. Now, it isn’t that Oasis is a bad band, it’s just that the brother’s shenanigans often overshadow the music. Noel Gallagher – when rghting the urge to rip-off The Beatles, Small Faces, etc. – is a good songwriter, horrible lyricist, and better singer than brother Liam. Take a listen to the first single, “Acquiesce,” which has Liam singing the verse and Noel taking over the chorus because his brother can’t reach the higher notes. He’s a musical liability! I figure if fans were allowed to vote on what B-sides they wanted to hear on The Masterplan, then surely those same fans have a right to vote Liam out of the band. Please, do your part to halt this near-global annoyance.

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