MONGREL Better Than Heavy

MONGREL Better Than Heavy

MONGREL Better Than HeavyWhat do you get if you cross the Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles and Reverend And The Makers? The answer is Mongrel, and this is their debut release Better Than Heavy.

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Comprised of lesser known members of the above bands, this side-project is fitting to its name, taking in political rock, rap and anything else they cared to chuck into the mix.

Mongrel hove missed the boat on the rage against Bush campaign they’re spouting on disc but they still have some other things to say. UK rapper Lowkey lends his rhymes and influences to the hip hop beats while the themes and sounds are British through-and-through.

This is interesting enough on its own as it is a snapshot of where the UK is at now, politically and musically (with the gulf between indie music and rap shrinking by the day).

Mongrel won?t change the word, but they’ll have fun trying.