MEZA VIRS Vida Sacrificium Meum Est

Meza Virs : The Latvian god of forests and also a 7 piece metal band hailing for the shores of Singapore have released a full length album titled ?Vida Sacrificium Meum Est? showcasing 11 tracks of dark gothic metal in a launch at the Gashaus Music Caf? on 24th Febuary 2006

Grinding, off-kilter rhythms and harsh growls often emerging into lush acoustic instrumentation and mesmerising vocal melodies are what you can expect from the luridly dark package.

The moment the first song ?Tragic Vendetta? (Also, the first track ever recorded by the 6-piece) started playing, I felt myself transported into a whole new world through an enchanting portal created by Meza Virs.

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Tracks I enjoyed are ?Tragic Vendetta?, ?The Dwell Beneath? and also the ballad ?Vida Sacrificium? which showcased the band?s versatility very well.

Having a haunting organ solo right smack in the middle of the album titled ?Interlude? was a pretty smart idea which added to the whole ambience.

There is certainly no argument that Meza Virs is filled to the brim with amazing musicians, including Keyboardist Ying of Throb fame and vocalist Jasmine who possesses one of the most powerful yet melodic voices that I have ever heard from a metal band in Singapore.

“Vida Sacrificium Meum Est” is now available at the following stores in Singapore: Inokii Records, Roxy Music, To Megatherion, Clairvoyant Records, Tiet Music Studio and Earshot Cafe. Rating : 4.5/5