MC Vandal


MC VANDAL“Travel is the key to open many doors”.

Jason Schadt, popularly known as MC Vandal is no stranger to the hip-hop scene in Asia. He is an emcee, producer, video artist and traveler with more than 10 years of experience, and is set to bring his music and passion together to create something exceptional.

In 2001, Vandal formed Urban Camper Entertainment and released his first album ‘The Nomadic Addict’, a unique collection of works displaying Vandal’s production and vocals. His current album ‘The Rebirth of a Classic Obsession’ continues along same the path blending World music and Hip Hop together as the sonic bed to Vandal’s rhymes and is chalk full of tales of travel and his life experiences. Through the release, he hopes to educate people around the world as well as learn from them, to share common passions and establish a network to allow others to take a bigger step into the world.

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Vandal performed at the Nike + Human Race alongside some of Singapore’s talented musicians.

For more information on Vandal and his music, do visit his website at