MC Garuda

mc garuda

mc garuda

Hailing from a second generation of Javanese immigrants based in Singapore with a citizenship, Garuda is a hiphop emcee / rapper with a unique style when it comes to wordplay, flow and crowd interaction…

Being a hiphop pioneer with a vast experience of over 8 years in the underground circuit, Garuda have proven to be what it takes to be on the microphone. Since his debut hiphop showcase in Zouk Club’s “Quiet Storm” nights in 1998, Garuda have shared stages with major hiphop acts ever since then, both regional and international.

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By having a ear in a widely genres of musical references enables Garuda to be different from the mediocre hip-hop ideolody / sound. One of the path is to break away from the musical barrier and putting ourselves in being musically experimental.

From spoken words to jazz to funk to dance hall and 80s electro sound right up to early age hip-hop are genres that have been in Garuda’s music diet. Though all these, having maintained an identity as a hip-hop emcee / rapper / lyricist / musician with an experimental feel.

As a regional hiphop artist, Garuda have shared mics with US hip hop acts, The Black Eyed Peas, Jin tha Emcee from Miami, Freestyle from Brooklyn and MC Vandal from Toronto, Canada. Also Garuda alongside regional acts, Toophat from Malaysia and Joey Boy from Thailand during an invitation tour with Singapore’s turntablist / deejay / party rocker, DJ KoFlow in 2005 Pattaya Music Fest as a ‘Hypeman’. Garuda is also part of the Singapore champion team in 2005 Heineken Thirst having played at the Asia Pacific Semi-Finals in Kuala Lumpur on the same year.

Garuda is also involved in DJ Ko Flow’s ‘GhettoBlasta’ weekly Saturday nights in the now defunct super club Liquidroom, as a ‘Hypeman’. Being in a DJ and MC team do make Garuda known as a crowd mover alongside a DJ. This tag-team had been rocking hiphop parties ever since and recently in Singapore’s 2006 Chingay Parade.

Currently, Garuda is releasing hip hop album projects under his own imprint, Golden Triangle Records, co-owned with fellow hiphop pioneer, Gusmarro, releasing a collective of South East Asia’s unsigned urban talents / acts and is also a sole distributor for South East Asia’s controversial prep-casual clothing label, 96 Anticlockwise. Expect a music movement to happen from this music label!

Garuda moves like the mythical icon in his moniker

Better known as a socio-politicko speaker…

“Who rhymes better? –

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