Marylin Manson on dead chickens…

Marylin Manson

Marylin Manson

“You don’t understand; the chicken is not just sick,” yells some unknown member of Marilyn Manson’s road crew. “The chicken is dead and there’s blood everywhere!”

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At any other time this would be a tragedy, but four hours is an extremely long time to be kept waiting for an interview, so there ‘s little sympathy for this chicken. Of course Mr. Manson finds it easy to laugh about the situation.

"Yeah, somebody said something about that, but I don’t know what they’re talking about," Mr. Manson’s voice oozes sincerity. "It is a little odd," he admits. "But it doesn’t surprise me too much. As far as I know there was no chicken there. But if there was a chicken there," he threatens, "it would have gotten killed."

It’s not surprising then that all the members of Marilyn Manson are named after killers: Reverend Marilyn Manson, Madonna Wayne Gacy, Twiggy Ramirez, Daisy Berkowitz and Ginger Fish.

Despite naming himself after the world’s most notorious killer, and despite his vast knowledge of crime and criminals, Mr. Manson denies any fondness for them. "I don’t necessarily really pick favorites or even really like killers," he claims. "Some of them I admire the craftsmanship they’ve put into their art. That’s what it is to them," he explains as if he knows all too well.

"I’ve read a lot of interviews and have kind of gotten into the psychology of some of these people and I’ve realized that there’s not much difference in the way they think and the way I think. The only difference is that they’ve not found an outlet like I have, and they’ve gone off and expressed themselves in a completely different way that is currently unacceptable by society. But that is only currently," he reiterates. "You never know how things can and will change in the future."

He’s absolutely right. It’s not totally out of the question that the Reverend Manson could become part of the killing crew. Of course, he’s already thought of that.

"It’s not out of the question if I hadn’t found a way to express myself that I could have ended up that way," he confesses. "They’re just people. There’s not much that separates us from them. That’s why people are so fascinated with them."

The only question that remains is, how would Mr. Manson complete the deadly task. "I’d have option anxiety," he laughs. It’s easy to picture him sitting in the dark with a sinister grin from ear to ear just pondering the possibilities. "I don’t even know where to begin. It would be like for me when I walk into a toy store or a record store. There’s be so many choices. If I disliked the person I’d most definitely torture them," he decides. "I’d like to see those who oppress me suffer in the end. I’d most definitely do that." Suddenly Mr. Manson becomes dead silent as if he’s mistakenly released a most precious secret.

"I don’t know," he begins. "It almost takes away the beauty of it to even talk about it. I mean we’re not really doing it. Are we?"

"I just have a few theories on reality, and one of them is that it only exists in my head," he explains. "So if I destroy myself then I destroy the world. These are the subjects I talk about on the next record. It’s the soundtrack for the end of time," Manson reveals.

"If your reality is the same as my reality then you’re in trouble. I think if I die then the world ends. I contemplate testing that theory in Mechanical Animals, but we won’t know until it comes out. And it’s not just me at all," he insists. "It works for anyone. I’m willing to face that. So if that’s what makes me special then that’ s about the only thing. That is gathering together in one last effort to make a difference much like an almost fascist movement of strong minded individuals to get together and say ‘we want to make this world what we want it to be. We’re not going to sit back and accept Christianity. We’re not going to sit back and listen to everybody cry about how the world hasn’t treated them fairly. I think that’s the most important thing," Reverend Manson expresses his beliefs passionately.

"To at least try to make a difference, to promote individuality, for everyone to be responsible for themselves, and for the people who just aren’t tough enough to just lay down by the roadside and let the others crush them with the wheels of progress." It’s not entirely surprising that Reverend Manson’s idea of individuality is following him.

"I think the people who follow Marilyn Manson are strong minded people who have decided to be individuals," Mr. Manson praises his admirers. "They’re strong enough to break away from a lot of the mentality of their classmates, fellow workers or whoever that may be."

"I believe the Antichrist is the embodiment of disbelievers in Christianity and that’s the entire secular world. Just as everyone who doesn’t agree with that particular organized religion is the Antichrist as much as I am, I think the people who agree with what I’m saying are just as Marilyn Manson as I am."

"There are many things that have influenced me as you know: Satanism, Social Darwinism. All of these things as much as the writings of Dr. Seuss are parts of what I incorporate into my personality," Manson describes what his music role in all this is, "I mean that’s what rock and roll was invented for in the first place other than setting your piano on fire or having sex with your fourteen year old cousin much like Jerry Lee Lewis did. Rock and roll was invented for making a social statement." Would Mr. Manson make his statement by having sex with his fourteen year old cousin?

"I don’t have one," he laughs. "No I wouldn’t have sex with anyone in my family." What?! Mr. Manson has boundaries, even morals? Well, maybe not. "It’s not that I think having sex with someone in my family is wrong; I’m just not attracted to them."

Not shocking enough? Ok, how about the fact that the Reverend Manson, the God of F*ck, the man who threatens to sodomize mothers, corrupt children and create the soundtrack to end the world doesn’t see himself as anything other than normal? "I consider myself to be very normal," Manson insists. "It’s what society considers to be the most normal things that I find very incomprehensible and very bizarre. For example, the other day I watched Baywatch for the first time, and I found that show to be very disturbing," he says.

"I think it’s very dangerous for people to watch that program. It presents a fantasy reality. It’s dangerous if people think that that is real life. I didn’t understand the show," Mr. Manson is obviously disturbed the program. "If I’m not mistaken I think the show may be written and casted by white supremist Aryan nation people because everyone on the show has blonde hair, blue eyes. Then again it might just be people from California. I just don’t understand. It’s a very strange show; I’m going to start watching it more often," he decides. "I think I’m going to watch it all the time now. It’s shocking; it scared me."

"Tony Wiggens," Mr. Manson suddenly blurts out.

Who the hell is Tony Wiggens?

"He sings the country version of "Cake and Sodomy" on Smells Like Children," Manson explains. "He’s a country singer from Nashville (although it was later discovered he is Marilyn Manson’s former bus driver). He’s the reason your interview didn’t happen that night," he confides. "I carved a star into his chest. Ask anyone they’ll tell you. He was there that night," Mr. Manson’s voice becomes quite, softer, as if he’s about to reveal a deep, dark secret.

‘He killed the chickens!"

Wait a minute. Supposedly there were no chickens.

"In our hearts and minds," Mr. Manson whispers, "there will always be chickens."