MARK FARINA Imperial DUB Recordings – Volume One

Mar Farina Imperial Dub Recordings

Imperial DUB Recordings is an independent record label composed of Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones (dubtribe), San Francisco DJ Corey Black, Finn-Campbell Notman, and the production crew at the dubtribe house, which is dubtribe soundsystem’s recording studio.

Mar Farina Imperial Dub Recordings

This label was made so the artists could invent music that shows their own exclusive take of underground dance music. I was very excited to get this CD. Those of you who got blown away by dubtribe at High on The Vibe (SF,CA) can surely understand!

This release is full of kickin’ tunes from different Imperial DUB artists and is continuously mixed. DJ Mark Farina does an excellent job. The music on this disc ranges from deep house and funk to plain ‘ol dancey techno beats.

The live drums on “format” make me want to run to the nearest jungle/forest/open field and dance with wild abandon. One thing: When I say continuously mixed I mean it. As in, there is only a track 1 on the CD (which is 12 songs mixed together). For those of you who like to skip around from song to song… sorry.

This disc is available at independent music stores, or you can order it from the web site at I recommend this release because it rocks and it shows many different musical styles.