MAGIX Dance Maker

MAGIX Dance Maker

If you’re new to the electronic do-it-yourself music scene, or just love jamming to the phatest and bestest beats around, then the new MAGIX DANCE MAKER is the tool you need.

MAGIX Dance Maker

Like previous MAGIX programs, The DANCE MAKER has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface which allows for quick results that are often better than bad. Everybody finally has the ability to create original tunes, even if they lack musical experience, but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna be the next Fat Boy Slim. But you can try.

All you have to do is drag and drop the music samples into one of the 16 tracks, add your own unique effects and before you know it, your gig at the Roxy is on its way! But it doesn’t stop there – if you’re into making freaky visuals, you can arrange video and graphics and sync them to your beats. DANCE MAKER is loaded with thousands of royalty-free audio and video clips, so copy, right?

The MAGIX DANCE MAKER includes all of the technological features of the much more expensive MUSIC MAKER V2000 (audio & video integration and effects), but has a new-user interface and focuses on the dance styles of House, Techno and Trance. But with practice, you can overcome all limitations.

MAGIX Dance Maker began shipping this summer, and can be purchased through MAGIX Direct: for $29.99

MAGIX Dance Maker featuresThe highlights:

? Up to 16 tracks available for audio, midi, and video files, supporting the Kodak picture CD-ROM format.

? Complete midi and real-time video integration with timeline. Also a studio real-time mixer with 5-Band equalizer.

? Numerous professional effects like surround, re-sampling, time stretching, pitch shifting, etc.

? DANCE MAKER offers an additional recording function to create your own samples (such as vocals).

? For additional music samples, MAGIX provides a library of 12 sound-pool CDs, all in different styles.