Lushian Larroa

Lushian Larroa

Lushian Larroa

Like a modern day troubador, this globe hopping wandering minstrel, music producer and sound artist Lushian Larroa is an Avant-garde music genius of the new era, making music for these troubled times…

Think Magazine recently sat down with this Central American native in Prague, and slung a few questions his way. What follows is the spotlight version and if you find yourself one day in the mood to head to Prague’s Hard Rock Cafe, you can catch not only great comfort food, but the soulful sounds of the man himself…. be sure to check him out in the music clip below…

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What is your relationship with music?
I am a music producer, musician and sound artist currently living and producing in the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

What is your music background?
My music background is very diverse and has many influences, I self taught my self how to play drums, keyboard, bass and some percussions but I studied acoustic and electric guitar as main instrument and I took piano lessons in the conservatory of music. After some years playing with bands I decided to become more professional so I continued my music studies in private music schools in Mexico, France and Spain, after that I studied a major in composition and a master degree in Music production.

Which genres have you played and studied in the past?
I have played Classical, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues and many fusion styles, mixing all kind of genres. In my electronic work I have mostly written contemporary music.

What kind of music defines you?
I think it?s hard to say, I have always been attracted to different kind of music, I?ve always liked dark sounds, underground, avant-garde and experimental music as well as many genres of electronic and rock music, I was also attracted to worldwide music, specially Indian, Arab, Flamenco and African music. Nowadays I mix all my knowledges, influences and experience in my music productions.

What kind of productions you have been doing recently and what projects you are working on nowadays?
In the last two years I decided to start producing avant-garde, experimental and underground music with a cinematographic approach. In the last two years, I played out in some local venues with my guitar solo project, I played mostly rock and blues. I have been performing live as a session musician with Geoff Tyson Band, I have an acoustic cover band where I play lead guitar, the band is call Doubleshots with both bands I play in many venues in Czech Republic, one of my favorites where I play is Hard Rock Cafe.

And very recently I started a new music project with the Czech singer Dora Bondy, our project is call Hypersin which is a mix of electronic and instrumental music with a pop and mainstream sound, we have recently play for the TV live show call Balcony TV. Last month I produced the album of Woostep, who is formed by two Czech producers who play Dub Step and have recently signed with Fontana record company, in my new album I will produce and play Flamenco with house electronic beats. In my free time I produce experimental music with my solo electronic project call ?Datik?

What are your main influences nowadays?
I am a big fan of mathematics and modern physics, so one of my main influence is actually the universe, its laws and its mysteries. I use many concepts and formulas of mathematics to write and produce music, so I have many inspiration from that. Some music producers who have been an influence for me are Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Jon Hobkins, Eskmo, Trenttemoller, among some more classical such as Johan Sebastian Bach, and others because of their personality, originality and musicality are Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Slash from Guns n?Roses.