LTJ Bukem featuring MC Conrad & DRS and Earth 3

LTJ Bukem featuring MC Conrad & DRS and Earth 3

LTJ’s Good Looking records bless this us with two stellar releases. LTJ Bukem, who incidentally takes his name from a phrase in the classic US detective show Hawaii 5-O, “Book’em Dano”, stepped hard to the scene with 1996’s groundbreaking Logical Progression, where he showcased his and other like-minded drum ‘n bass artists’ new style of “intelligent” D’n’B.

He has continually raised the bar thru his Progression Sessions releases and Earth compilations, and these two records continue to explore new angles for the D’n’B genre. With LTJ’s newest solo release, LTJ mixes up lyrical duties between DRS and longtime cohort MC Conrad with good result.

The combined lyrical flow of two voices compliments this music better than one. The beats continue to be polished breaks with atmospherical synth snippets thrown in to create a relaxed vibe. Listen to this album before you go out on a big night when you have to be on. The music is class and inspirational.

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LTJ Bukem progression sessionsThe Earth series was created so “Good Looking could let our artists show that they are firstly musicians.” By this I think they mean that they want to create a situation where new artists are able to present their material as they want, not according to any formula geared towards commercial success.

Anyway, Earth 3 doesn’t disappoint. This D’n’B compilation is more hip-hop influenced than the previous two, with heavy grooves thruout. The record is highly recommended, but the music is varied, as it is a compilation, so if your checking it out at the record store make sure you give it a proper going over before making a decision.

By the way, if either of these records moves you, be sure to pick up Good Looking’s banging release Blame featuring DRS.