LOCUST Morning Light

Some might marvel at its, seductively clinical introversion and darkly blooming epiphanies, however, somebody should tell Mark Van Hoen that it’s not 1986 any more and that 4AD’s This Mortal Coil collections, matchless though some of them were, have long been superseded by developments in the techno-tastic post-rock cosmos. Not that segments of it aren’t pleasant enough, from the spooked and desolate techno-folk whirring of Jukebox Heart to the polished Dubstar-esque pop swoons of Folie. The true heart-stirring standout here is ‘No-one In The World’, as Wendy Roberts gets all Shirley Bassey over some gloriously cinematic string swells. Unfortunately, it’s also the best thing here by far, showing up the rest of this record as uninspired.

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