What It’s Like To Visit Antarctica: My Experience

It is so interesting to think, but the first time I ever thought about Antarctica was when I was a young boy in school. Antarctica travel was definitely something that I never thought about or probably ever thought was possible, but recently I was on a cruise ship doing just that: Antarctica travel! I really want to share my experience so I have written this post. I hope you enjoy it and read on to find out more about what I did while I was there.

My favourites

The trip was more or less highlight after highlight and anyone that has been to Antarctica will know exactly why that is. For those that haven’t been you will be constantly impressed the whole trip, you might think one minute that you are seeing the most amazing sight of your life, but then you see something else that is even better somehow.  

One thing that stood out to be was my adventures in a zodiac boat. These were fantastic because you really got to see everything from another perspective. For example, you can see everything from up high when you are in the cruise ship, but when you are right on the water in a small boat you start to notice how big things are. You also get a better opportunity to get up close and personal with things and especially the wildlife. I even managed to see emperor penguins chilling on on a huge iceberg that I probably never would have seen otherwise. Kayaking was another great thing to do that provided a similar experience, but with a bit more exercise involved too. This was of course another bonus.

I also loved visiting the penguin colonies and I planned my trip around this to some extent. The best time to visit is in February and this is because the chicks come out to play after being born in the months prior. It seems somewhat strange that these creatures seek one of the harshest places on earth as the place to go to breed!

Other things that I loved

It’s hard to talk so much about everything that I did, because it simply wouldn’t fit in a blog post. I thought I would make a quick list of some other things that I loved:

  • Whale watching and seeing whales a mere 50 metres from our cruise ship.
  • Actually stepping foot on the continent, because many cruise ships don’t actually allow people to do this
  • Visiting the south Shetland islands for their interesting part in Antarctic exploration history as well as their own natural wonders.

My tips for travel to Antarctica

Going to Antarctica was not only a great experience, but also a learning experience for me for organising a trip. It took a lot of time and research to get there and to pick what was the best thing for me. The following few questions should really help you to decide how to pick your cruise ship:

  • How big is the cruise ship?
  • How long does the cruise go for?
  • Can you afford different options?
  • Will my cruise ship allow me to actually leave the ship?

I hope these tips have helped you to ask the right questions and get the best possible tour for you!