Les Paul BFG

I don?t really know what BFG stands for but if it means Bad F?king Guitar then I am pretty sure that Gibson has managed to achieve just that with the new Les Paul BFG.

An innovative powerhouse, the BFG has no binding, no figured top nor any finishing touches. This combination is probably the key to the massive and raw sound that the BFG offers.

With a maple top and body made out of mahogany, the BFG is surprisingly light for a Les Paul and this is definitely a plus point for guitarists who enjoy freedom of movement while performing.

Plus, there is never a need to worry about leaving a scratch or having to polish the guitar as the aesthetics of the BFG looks and feels like an indestructible rock machine!

This machine sounded amazing through my ?pod xt? into a ?tgm 10?, with the low end rhythm booming tightly while also being able to cut through the mix when breaking into a solo.

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The BFG definitely has to be one of the heaviest and rawest sounding guitars that I have ever played.

I would definitely recommend anyone who wants a heavy, raw rock ?n? roll and metal tone to try this guitar out!

(Although the BFG has not been officially released on Singapore shores, be sure to check out the official dealer Swee Lee for the guitar soon.

However if you re too impatient to wait, the BFG lists at USD$1,399.00 on internet shops.)