LEONA LEWIS Best Kept Secret

LEONA LEWIS Best Kept Secret

LEONA LEWIS Best Kept SecretIf Leona Lewis never appeared on X-Factor and won, the would be UK songstress may or may not have gone on to the level of stardom she has now. But based on this just released debut (recorded before Spirit), don’t bet on it.

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A decade ago the charts were awash with wispy-voiced Mariah sound-alikes and Sade was queen. Unfortunately for Lewis, nearly everyone else from that era has faded into obscurity as a result of the music not being particularly exciting.

That is the trapping is here in Best Kept Secret, too. Lewis? voice is good but not distinctive enough and the songs are so true to that bland R&B style that they already sound old.

In other words, she can thank her lucky stars for shining on British TV, and for getting the best producers record company money can buy for her current success.