Australian singer Kylie Minogue has been able to transform herself over and over again in much the same way the ‘material girl’ has over the past ten years. Where Madonna started at the fringes of the New Wave movement and slipped into the mainstream, Kylie was as soft as snow, and started moving into more experimental territory. Working with other artists, including Nick Cave, seems to have given Kylie the conrdence to experiment more. The album opens with a heavy breather and a piano driven drum and bass track which works well. The single ‘Some Kind of Bliss,’ is almost a Rolling Stones rip off, and could have been written in the 70’s, along with most of the up beat songs. The darker tracks are fun in a real ‘trauma’ queen, I’m helpless kind of way, and the housy numbers (there are two of them) fall flat because the music is just too simplistic and old school to cover up her vocal derciencies. ‘Jump’ is a sultry addition to my ‘songs named jump’ compilation, and explains the benerts of jumping into the future. The lyrics seem to border on the unbelievable most of the CD, but only rarely send you into rts of laughter. There’s some thing here.

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