JAMIROQUAI Travelling Without Moving

I think America gets gyped musically – this CD has already gone gold in France, platinum in the U.K., and double platinum in Japan – come on, some of us yanks have taste! Jamiroquai has always given us a nice mele? of acid jazz meets Al Jarreau, but this latest one is the most smooth and polished yet, pure listening joy.

I see why they’re popular in Japan – they have a slick, cosmopolitan style that’s hip and urban, yet it harks back to the Stevie Wonder and George Benson music we grew up with. It’s sort of like Dance Fever for the nineties.

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All the tracks on Travelling Without Moving, do travel, do move, and do induce sure rump shaking, but be sure to speck out “Virtual Insanity”, “Didjerama”, “Do You Know Where You’re Coming From”, and “Cosmic Girl.” Remember R&B, Soul and Disco? – yes, it’s back, but the style is better and those annoying Gibb brothers aren’t a part of it (yet, let’s pray against the BeeGee reunion tour).

Jamiroquai is always fresh, new, original and certified to make you sway, boogie, and butt bump. This CD suprised, delighted and pleased this reviewer – so and get to the Amazon CD store!