Innerview with King’s Club DJ Phonique

DJ Phonique

German deejays are making the move on Eastern Europe…

DJ PhoniqueGashaus: Hi Phonique, you are resident DJ at King’s Club in Prague, in Hamburg, and in Berlin. What & where else are you playing?

Phonique: When I’m here in Prague, I used to play electro/breakbeat influenced house music, but I’m also DJing this French disco house at parties or in clubs in Paris and Brussels. I also have my regular Friday night, the Music Boutique at the K/star in Berlin with hip/hop influenced freestyle house with guest DJ’s like Dope on Plastic.

Gashaus: How did it happen, that Kingsclub takes place here in Prague at Radost FX?

Phonique: On my first trip to Prague in 1993, one of my nights ended at Radost FX and I really loved the club. Then in ’98, I met Martin, who organizes the King’s Club here, at a party in Paris and the idea was born.

Gashaus: How is the nightlife in Berlin?

Phonique: Berlin is really great. There are some really good clubs like the WMF, Cookies, or the K-star for hip hop and freestyle. You can go out every night and choose between so many styles like house, drum and bass, electro, jazzbeats, hip hop, big beats, dub sounds or reggae. By the way, the whole nightlife takes place in the East Side of Berlin.

Gashaus: What are your future plans?

Phonique: I only want to do those things I like. I’m writing for some magazines and I’m trying to get some good artists to Berlin and maybe to Prague. I started producing my own tracks. And I stopped playing for big commercial, stupid parties. I prefer to play only 6 times a month, but at really good parties, like in Prague. Because here in Prague the people are going out to dance and not for showing off. And Prague is such a romantic city.