House Music = Horizontal Communication = Healthy Planet

house parties

Let’s assume entertainment is a reflection of society. So maybe the most forward-thinking cultural movement is actually a reflection of the future. Rock ?n’ Roll may well be the last reflection of the dominator culture and vertical hierarchies as the predominant social order.

house parties

Compare the Rock ‘n’ Roll environment with that of a House Party. Rock concerts are a polarized atmosphere, allowing only two states of being: audience or band; no in-between. Energy flows from the band down to the audience, same as the power structure of the dominator culture.

The privileged elite at the top mediate experience down to the masses, who are left with a hallow, second-hand experience. We watch and wonder as the rock star finds ecstasy and bares his soul; we accept that the priest has spoken with God. These experiences are not for the common person, but are the province of the privileged few at the top of the power pyramid.

Currently, two social movements are emerging that shifts the flow of information to a horizontal state, as it was in the peaceful, co-operative, partnership societies that were common before the spread of the dominator cultures. The AcidHouse Movement and on-line computer communities, though differing contextually, are quite similar conceptually.

House Parties create an atmosphere of fundamental equality: the DJ amongst the crowd, channeling the music that surrounds everyone to inspire higher group energy. There are no stars or spectators here. Each individual in an interconnected part of the experience. You are free to be exactly who you are with no limits or boundaries. This direct experience of spiritual freedom allows you to set free you instinctive, innate love for humanity and all living beings.

Discovery of your inner self combined with first-hand awareness of the group mind will let you unlearn a lifetime of dysfunctional social programming like racism, sexism, cynicism and paranoia. Use the positive energy you find within yourself as a key to unlock the door for others.

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A group of dancers is like a pool of ideas, interacting freely, almost telepathically and completely randomly. On-line computer networks are also idea pools where no judgment can be made based on sex or color; the strength of the idea is all that matters. And when information and ideas move horizontally, the best ideas travel fastest.

House Music and the Internet are our two best hopes for communicating globally the message of love and equality. The power elite will have a hard time convincing anyone that their neighbor is an enemy if they are already talking and dancing together. And we’ve got to work together to spread the love vibe horizontally throughout the entire human tribe as quickly as possible so we can work as one mind to salvage what’s left of the planet and clean up the mess we’ve inherited.

The House Nation and the Internet are not going to overthrow society or start a revolution or overwhelm the government. That’s the language of the past and we HAVE to evolve beyond a warlike state of mind.

We’re going to underwhelm them with love and positive energy. It is an undercurrent of peace that is both underground and mainstream. It’s an undergrowth of understanding that we have to cultivate in every individual by encouraging those difficult first steps inside towards self-discovery and awareness.

We haven’t got much time left, but if a critical mass of people all over the world take those first steps inside themselves to open the doors to peace, love and understanding, we may yet evolve as a species from where we are now, homo-hostilis; enemy-making human, to what we must become if we are to survive: homo amicus, friendly human.

With love to all, keep it alive, Ameba.