HOLE – Celebrity Skin

HOLE Celebrity Skin

No ‘Sell-Out’, so here I am, feeling like the only guy on the planet who heard the album and likes it…HOLE Celebrity Skin

What seems to put people off (the ones that don’t just write it off ’cause they hate Courtney) the first time they hear it is that it doesn’t sound like Live Through This. In other words, they want another grunge album. (I guess grunge nostalgia is already upon us.)

These are the same people who usually want artists/bands to stay the same, or at least to sound the same. A new look is OK, just don’t mess with the music. But I think that a band unafraid to change its sound is a very good thing. Celebrity Skin deals with your love/hate relationship with Hollywood and with all the stuff that goes along with trying to be a star.

The gorgeous pop-rock epic "Awful" is about being a kid and being punk, and then growing up and realizing you can’t be punk forever. And it’s also about how the music biz sucks the spirit and soul from all the young talent it attaches itself to. And, finally, it’s about how despite all that, one song can change everything. And you certainly saw that, since you had a ringside seat as "Smells Like Teen Spirit" changed everything. "Playing Your Song." is all about Kurt Cobain. "And oh, they’ve bought and sold it all/ It’s gone/ They’ve taken it and built a mall/ And now they’re playing your song.“

It’s pretty obvious that that’s about how the industry and all the wannabe grunge-rockers got every dime they could out of what Kurt and Nirvana created. It’s good to hear Courtney Love doing her own thing, and facing the critics.