Here’s What I love About Cornwall

If ever there was a place that was the perfect destination for a holiday in the UK then Cornwall is it. I absolutely love going to cornwall, each time I return I seem to fall for the place even more. There’s something there for every type of traveler; backpackers, families, groups and couples.

One of my favourite ways to see this great place is by going on one of the touring holidays in Cornwall, it’s the best way for visitors to see as much of the place as possible.

So what can you expect to see and do when you’re there? Here are the top 5 things that I love.

The Beaches

Lounging on a beach doesn’t mean you have to catch a flight to one of our European neighbours, that’s because Cornwall has plenty of sweeping sandy shores to enjoy. There are over a whopping 400 brilliant beaches for you to take advantage of here, whatever there weather they’re always the place to be.

Cornish Pasties

I am sure you’ve tried at least one Cornish Pasty before in your life, but you haven’t really tried on until you’ve devoured one in Cornwall. First made famous by the tin minors who used to enjoy these tasty treats whilst down the mines, now they are a national favourite. Biting down on a freshly made pasty full of veg and chunks of beef is something I always look forward to!

Water Sports

If lounging on the beach all day isn’t your thing then there are plenty of opportunities to get out on the open water and be active. Cornwall is world famous for its surfing, that is down to the area being blessed with an impressive Atlantic swell. It is not only surfing that’s on offer, along the coastline you will be able to swim, canoe, sail, hop on a paddle board, body board and also take boat trips – you’ll pretty much find any of these wherever you’re staying.

The number one place in my opinion to make your base is Perran Springs, I’ve been there with both my family and friends, everyone absolutely loved it! Book your spot there and the super friendly staff will make sure you have a great Cornish experience.

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Perran Springs Holiday Park