Hard Sequence Asia



Hard Sequence was first established in 2001 and is the first home grown dance brand in Malaysia to capitalize on the cultural progression of the ever evolving dance scene.

DJ Neikon (Bomb Quad)

Their mission is to ensure that the culture will continue to grow together in parallel dimensions.

The demand and trend of today’s music industry has changed tremendously. The evolution of related technologies (from analog to digital) has laid the framework for the resident jocks on Hard Sequence’s roster [Bass Agents & Dark Ravers (BA & DR)] to take full advantage of the transition and expand the unlimited possibilities in producing and providing quality music.

Over the last 3 years, the collaboration between BA & DR have landed them a reputation of being a steady and dependable outfit, positioning them as one of the specialists in music technology & sound designers in Asia today.

{loadposition content_adsensecontent}To date, Hard Sequence has been nominated and awarded with various awards, such as Best New Local Night by JUICE (KL) in 2006 and Most up for it Crowd also by JUICE (KL).

Ever since dance music hit the local scene here in Malaysia, Dj Niekon (above) has and already been dreaming of , one day, making it as a disc jockey. Niekon likes to describe his musical style as euphoric, uplifting, melodic, energetic and with a slight touch of electic controversial tweaks.

DJ Effen SingaporeEffen stormed into the club scene in 2005, with his first club appearance at Zouk’s bi-yearly event Localized!. Since then, he has graced the decks of other top clubs in Singapore such as Onyx, DXO and Liquid Room.

He is notorious for tearing dancefloors apart with his main sets, weaving seamlessly the sounds of melodic trance,tech-trance and percussive techno, all into one cutting edge, mind-bending, sonic performance.

Dark RaversDarkraverz represents a syndicate of Underground Hard Dance DJs that have conquered most of the early underground clubs in KL. Even before hard dance was accepted and gradually became prominent in the international music scene, Darkraverz were already prepped and ready to infect the commercialized cult in which was the music world.

Darkraverz has toured around Asia such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, they are now well known as the Lords of the Underground in the hard dance industry.

Bass Agents were formed in 2000 and consist of three key players; Xt-Acid and Didjital from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Ganjaguru from Melbourne, (Australia). After 3 long years apart, the dynamic trio will join forces creating the hardest yet uplifting sound. Their name stems from 1 main element, the hardness of a driving bass line.

In recent years, the Bass Agents have been featured in majority of the Malaysian major events such as Recharge Revelation, EMIS, UV-Nation The Renault Pit Party and The Hotlink Germany Kick-Off Party.

Collectively, they have played alongside a number of Hard Dance legends such as The Prophet, Lady Dana, Gizmo, Organ Donors, Alex Kidd, Steve Hill, Phil York, Dave Joy, Technikal, Dark By Design, Andy whitby, Paul Brisk, Scot Project, DJ Wag, BK, Kai Tracid, Thrillseekers, K90, Soul-T, Derb, Walt and Johan Gielen just to name a few.

The Agents took up the challenge of introducing the sound to their home country Malaysia. And only through years of sheer dedication, passion and love towards the music, they were able to MAKE IT HAPPEN. To date, the Bass Agents have been voted as Best New Local DJ by JUICE Readers Choice Awards (KL).