GOLDIE – Saturnz Return

GOLDIE - Saturnz Return

After waiting ages for a review copy, when it finally did arrive there was only one CD in it (it’s a double), the first CD with just two tracks, "Mother" and "Truth."

GOLDIE - Saturnz Return

"Mother" clocks in at over an hour and feature full orchestration and choirs. This track, like the album overall, is obviously deeply autobiographical and personal (just read the sleeve notes) and highly ambitious.

Publicly baring your soul and emotional wounds is brave and should be commended, and hopefully the process will prove cathartic. Unfortunately, I found these two tracks pretentious, long-winded, self-indulgent and, ultimately, boring.

The only other tracks I can go on are the previous singles "Digital" (with KRS1) and "Temper Temper" (with Noel Gallagher). Maybe I’m being cynical, but these diverse superstar guest appearances seem to be symptomatic of his desire to appeal to as many people as possible. However, Goldie appears in serious danger of alienating himself from his jungle roots.

Maybe he won’t care if he does totally crossover, but it could prove to be a risky strategy if he misses. Like I say, I haven’t heard the full album and, going by other reviews I’ve read, the second CD has more ‘traditional’ drum & bass tracks that will please jungle purists.