Girl’s guide to music festivals

music festivals

So, my fellow girlies, are you ready to partake in the music festivals offered throughout Europe this summer? With so many to choose from, featuring some of today’s best DJs and musicians, and their accessible locations, why wouldn’t you? Here’s what you need to do to prepare…

music festivals

Most shows have reasonable ticket prices and camping readily available, so don’t let money keep you from attending some of the best parties being thrown this summer. However, there is some advice I’d like to offer counterparts. Packing is something most girls are teased for overdoing.

Really, we mean no harm, we just want to be prepared. Therefore, I’ve compiled a little list of must-haves to make it easier for you. First, I’d like to mention what not to bring, and that’s no spiked heels. There is no situation where you will be wearing these at an outdoor festival. NONE. Platforms will be tolerated, since some of you may need them to see over the tall guys pushing to get in front of you. However, trudging through the mud in platforms is no fun for anyone.

Pack a pair of waterproof pants. They are lightweight, fold up into a tiny ball, and will be greatly appreciated when the inevitable rain starts. Along this line is also a pair of waterproof boots. Yes, your space-age-looking platform sandals are much cuter, but they won’t be after sinking into the mud.

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While at it, pack a lightweight, waterproof windbreaker. Again, you’ll be happy you have it when it begins to pour. Also, since temperatures are known to drop at night, a warm, cozy coat will be an indispensable item to have with you.

Unless you don’t mind cold water communal showers, I suggest you bring a scarf for your hair which can cover even the craziest rain/bed head.

Also, a great thing to have is a small container of baby wipes. These handy little towelettes can serve many purposes, all of which will be appreciated by your fellow festival goers. If you can handle the cold water shower, you may want to bring a bathing suit in case you’re a bit shy about bearing it all.

Make-up should be kept simple. Forget your typical club look and think natural.

Heavy foundation and bright colors look frightening in direct sunlight.

So go for waterproof mascara, tinted moisturizer and lip gloss. Also, bring sunscreen and wear it.

And last, but far from least, bring your own roll of toilet paper and guard it with your life. Have fun!