Gashaus San Diego

The Maryland is/was kind of a flophouse, an old San Diego hotel with white antique mosaic floors.

I played shows with a ska band on the bottom floor coffeehouse once. The Gashaus, as it was called, was accessible through the hotel, and the bands had to keep their gear in the basement until it was their turn to play. The basement area could have been a set for The Shining. It was horror movie creepy, where your footfalls echoed loudly and one felt that they were being watched! Next door was the record store, which at the time had great old vinyl. I think I bought a Queen album there once. I had returned, only to find the place emptied out. They?re refurbishing the hotel, upgrading it to fit in with downtown redevelopment. There had been low-income senior citizens living there, all evicted when the new ownership took over. There was nothing to indicate that either Gashaus or the record store had ever been there. What had I expected to find? Nothing. I just thought I?d retrace young Zappa?s steps while there was still a chance. I kicked around a bit and then took off. – 2003, Salvatore Filippone