FREDDIE FRESH The Last True Family Man

FREDDIE FRESH / The Last True Family Man

Don’t ever judge a book by its cover is what my Momma used to tell me. The packaging for Freddie’s CD is a design nightmare, and had I not been assigned to review this freebee I would never have been exposed to the dynamic Bronx breakbeat musical dynamo that is, Freddie Fresh.

FREDDIE FRESH / The Last True Family Man

This record kicks ass! There is no other way to say it. Imagine… Joy-riding in Tijuana, 8-Track blaring, Your Tequila soaked brain is mixing your favorite butt-shaking ditty’s to the A.M radio signal and voila…

"Freddie" This is a sample-a-moment record. Freddie’s clever mixing skills go postal in his worldwide jaunt. This is a no holds barred global rocket sled ride of fun. A night out with this man might start with a motorcycle chase through Sao Paulo, margarita’s on the burro ride back to the disco, a samba train through the town square and perhaps some fresh mango’s and plantains, poolside as the sun rises but the beats just won’t let up.

This 22 track disc reminds me a lot of Money Mark’s "Push the Button" on Mo’Wax. However, the weirdness quotient on Money M.’s release has been replaced with phat, funk, phreshness! Samples include documentaries, daytime T.V, classic film noir, the double hand clap from the first Casio portable, James Bond escape sequences, Latino MC’s, A clueless German fan expounding, and even Freddie’s kid discovering headphones.

It seems as though we’ve been allowed a V.I.P pass into the mind of a true innovative talent. I won’t bore you with track by track "it goes a little like this" shit. Just safe to say, this is a must have for those of you serious about what’s real in music these days. Buy it, borrow it, steal it. No. Call me and I’ll record it for you. No shit. It’s that good. Production credits to Fatboy Slim, Grandmaster Flash and the Freestylers.

Powerhouses in the business know and respect talent when it rarely appears, and will graciously collaborate with the likes of Mr. Fresh.