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Prague-based power-pop band and cult favorites Freak Parade have completed the recording of their long-awaited third CD, entitled All Lovers Are Traitors, includes 11 tracks of brand new material plus one bonus track (a punked up English-language version of the popular Czech song ‘Holky z naz? skolky’.)

freak parade rebecca elliotFreak Parade formed in the 90’s in Liberec, where bassist and songwriter Michael Bowling first met lyricist Rebecca Elliott. The band, playing melodic music with a hardcore, post-punk and noise rock influence, met with measured success across the domestic club scene.

In the following years they played all around Czech and in many European countries. They shared the stage with the likes of famous riot grrrls band Babes in Toyland, as well as The Real McKenzies from Canada, San Francisco’s A Subtle Plague and Holland’s Peter Pan Speedrock.

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The new CD will signal a departure for the band, as this will be their first offering as a five piece, including the second (lead) guitarist (with the addition of Austin, Texas native Travis Crow).

The songs were written specifically with that extra guitar in mind, says bassist / songwriter Michael Bowling. “Travis adds a dimension to this album that the first two albums lacked. With him we can do so many things melodically that we couldn’t before. I think the band’s new direction will surprise a lot of the people who know us from our past records. Our sound has evolved, without a doubt”.

A big part of that sound is longtime Freak Parade guitarist Paul ‘Chilly’ Gebuis, a Dutch native involved in the Prague music scene for over a decade. Paul, who joined the band prior to the recording of their second disk in 2003, delivers the crunchy rhythm guitar so prevalent on the new disk.

Rounding out the lineup is the band’s drummer, Liberec native Honza Horvath. “Honza was a godsend” says vocalist and front woman Rebecca Elliott,” We’ve known him since our days back in Liberec when we started Freak Parade. We brought him in and immediately knew he had exactly what we needed in a drummer. He’s got such energy and discipline.”

Energy and discipline, a deadly combination for the drummer of a power-pop five piece, which is exactly what Freak Parade is.

The album was christened on May 16th at Prague’s Rock Cafe, with Czech post-punk mainstays SUFFER as special guests. Says Bowling “Hey, we asked them to play, and they said yes. Those guys are scary good. We’re really excited to have them playing at our release party. Everyone will want to get there early so as to not miss them”.

The party will be moderated by novelist and musician Jaroslav Rudis (Grandhotel, Nebe nad Berlinem), Freak Parade’s manager in their early years. “Jara is one of this band’s greatest friends, he’s done so much for us over the years “explains Rebecca,” We would have never had the initial success we had without him. We’re really excited to have him open the first copy of this new CD at the Rock Cafe.”

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Rebecca Elliot – Vocals (UK)

From Leeds, UK. Rebecca has played with FP since the band’s inception. Besides Freak Parade, Rebecca has also fronted Prague’s B-Movie Heroes.

Mike Bowling – Bass Guitar (USA)

From Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, where he played with punk-rock act Barbed Wire Sheila. Mike attained dubious notoriety in the 90’s by being present at the death-by-overdose of scum-rock legend GG Allin in a New York apartment.

Paul ‘Chilly’ Gebuis – Guitar (NL)

Dutch native from Rotterdam, joined the band during the recording of the band’s second CD, Future Shock. A longtime veteran of the Czech music scene, Paul played in the 90’s with legendary Prague band Garage.

Honza Horvath – Drums (CZ)

Liberec native and Freak Parade’s only current Czech member. He is a symphony percussionist by day.

Travis Crow – Lead Guitar (USA)

From Austin, Texas, is a veteran musician and guitarist. Freak Parade is his first band since moving to Prague.


I Don’t Think So (1996 – Indies Records)

Future Shock (2003 – Slow Motion Riot Records)

All Lovers Are Traitors (2009 – Slow Motion Riot Records)