How to Fix That Crooked Smile

If you have a smile that you aren’t happy with then do not worry or think that it is the end of the world, it really isn’t. For many years I hated the way that my teeth grew and in retrospect I should have done something about it far sooner than I did. With that being said, my years of pain were fixed after seeing a Wimbledon orthodontist who was able to correct my bite, and leave me with a great looking smile which I could be proud of. If you do have crooked teeth then there are plenty of options which you can take to fix them, let’s have a look.


Braces maybe unsightly but they can do a very good job in correcting the way that your teeth grow. There is a common misconception with braces that they no longer work on adults as the teeth have stopped growing, but this is not the case. In fact adults can reap great benefits from using braces, as long as they can come to terms with the way that they look. For braces to work the dentist will place brackets on each affected tooth, in a specific way which will get the movement that they are looking for. Once the brackets are in place, the dentist will place a metal wire through each bracket and then tighten.


Invisalign works in a very similar way to brackets in that in re-shapes your teeth and leaves you with a corrected smile. The difference with Invisalign however is that it does so using a gum shield like device, rather than the metal fixings. Naturally this is more popular amongst adults as you cannot see the device when it is in your mouth. Invisalign offers similar results to braces, but the treatment is much more expensive. The choice will come down to whether you want to pay the extra for the aesthetic benefits which you can enjoy with this treatment.


The option that I went for in order to fix my crooked smile was to have veneers placed on my teeth, which gave me an instant perfect smile. This is a very extreme option and you may want to consider the other choices first, as there is no going back once you have your veneers put in. To put veneers in, the dentist will shave down your existing teeth then place a porcelain or composite veneer over the top. The benefits of this treatment are of course a great smile which can look however you want it to, shiny white teeth which cannot be stained and instant confidence. On the downside there are some foods which you should avoid eating in case they break the veneer, and the is also the most expensive choice regarding getting the smile that you wanted.

Which would be your preferred choice?