Firebrands, fueling the Revolution



Firebrands has been burning up the airwaves around the world since their launch, and if you’ve been fortunate enough to catch them live, you know the power of their presence is intense on the stage…

But who is Firebrands? Consisting of American Jachin Pousson, on drums, Russian Roman Tarassov, on guitars, and Singaporeans eXe, on vocals, and doctormix on turntables, Firebrands is a multi-national band with a message.

Firebrands’ members came together from literally three corners of the earth, forging an authentic and original sound that is being introduced to a greater audience. Beginning as a search for truth and freedom in Singapore, an unlikely partof the world that makes their music all the more interesting and significant. Bursting from the surface of the political and social monotone that one-party rule engenders, Firebrands presents a surprising and powerful melody of revolutionary ideas.

Their first single “Katrina” was a tribute to the devastation of the hurricane in 2005. This single received lots of regular airplay on radio stations around the globe, including Blast 1386 (UK), Punto Radio (Italy), and 987 FM (Singapore).


Firebrands music can best be described as heavy rock with influences from funk and alternative. Presenting “White-Hot” lyrics and unstoppable grooves, some of the bands musical influences include Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and System Of A Down.

“Our music and message is of the pursuit of freedom, hope, truth, love, justice, and a thirst for life. It is everything that oppressors and manipulators hate, and everything the young love to hear. An intelligent rebellion, a rise of courage, a scourge of fixed ideas.” says eXe when asked.

Regarding the creation of their first single “Katrina”, Jachin says “The song is about the hurricane that ravaged the Gulf States back in August of 2005. Specifically it’s a passionate visual journey through New Orleans in the aftermath of the storm, with a view at taking a shot at the degeneration and failure of a system Katrina exposed. But it is compassionate and personal. I am from Louisiana, and that storm completely destroyed the town where I was born. My family is still living there. They survived.”

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Behind the turntables and producing the group, doctormix is no stranger to the music industry, presenting a weekly syndicated radio program “The Best in Retro with doctormix”. The program is broadcast in over 25 international markets including the US, Europe and Asia, including playing to tens of thousands in India.

doctormix says “Creating music with this band is a continual inspiration and exploration of music for myself. The fulcrum of the power is where the giant groove of the rhythm section meets the infinite playing field of electronic sounds Roman and I create. And eXe is the sparkplug, right in that fulcrum, setting it all on fire.

Firebrands are simply explosive on stage, charging audiences with their electrifying spirit of new, indestructible energy, which is becoming known as the “Firebrands experience” or the “Baptism of Fire”.

Firebrands regularly tours, driven by what Roman says “We hope to really get into people’s heads. Give listeners the courage and opportunity to change the world around them. There is a very infectious spirit that comes whispering out of the speakers inside the music and that’s what we want to share now to a wider audience with the shows and the album.”

FIREBRANDS is about to ignite the world with their music and message so get ready for the REVOLUTION!

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